The Little Cat and The Big Dog – Children’s Stories

Welcome to our audio and visual narrative series for adults and children. Our video today is the first of our hilarious series for kids. Have fun already.
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The Little Cat and the Big Dog Once upon a time, there were two best friends, a little cat named Fluffy and a big dog named Rex. Fluffy was a small, white cat who was very cute. Rex was a large, brown dog who was very friendly. Fluffy and Rex would play together every day. They would run through the forest, climb trees, and roll around in the grass. They loved each other very much. One day, while Fluffy and Rex were playing in the forest, they saw a group of children. The children were very happy to see Fluffy and Rex. They ran over to play with them. The children played with Fluffy and Rex in the forest. They ran around, played hide-and-seek, and threw a ball. Fluffy and Rex were very happy playing with the children. After the game, the children said goodbye to Fluffy and Rex. Fluffy and Rex were very sad to say goodbye to the children. Fluffy turned to Rex and said, “Rex, I want to play with these children some more.” Rex replied, “Me too, Fluffy, me too. But the children won’t bring us back. They have parents who own them.” Fluffy knew Rex was right. But she still wanted to be with the children. Fluffy and Rex started walking through the forest. They were thinking about a way to be close to the children. Finally, Fluffy had an idea. She turned to Rex and said, “Rex, I have a plan.” Rex turned to Fluffy and asked, “What plan?” Fluffy said, “Let’s go to the children’s house. We can show ourselves to them there.” Rex liked Fluffy’s plan. The two of them walked together to the children’s house. When they got to the children’s house, they looked through the windows. They saw the children eating dinner with their parents. Fluffy and Rex went under the window and tried to get the children’s attention. But the children didn’t see them. Fluffy turned to Rex and said, “This isn’t working. The children can’t see us.” Rex replied, “Let’s try again.” Fluffy and Rex moved away from the window. Then, they went back to the front of the window. This time, they meowed and barked louder. The children’s parents looked out the window. They were very surprised to see Fluffy and Rex. They called out to Fluffy and Rex to come inside. Fluffy and Rex followed the children’s parents’ calls. When Fluffy and Rex came inside, the children were very happy. They hugged and petted them. Fluffy and Rex met the children’s parents. They didn’t want to leave the children. The children’s parents loved Fluffy and Rex very much. They invited them to stay in their house. Fluffy and Rex were very happy. They started living with the children. Fluffy and Rex played with the children every day. They were very happy together. The End

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